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This Statement applies to 4th Dimension Innovation Ltd (referred to as the Company, Our, We).


Integrity is at the heart of our business and business practices. We operate a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of modern slavery and fully support the responsibilities prescribed in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The Company operates a robust recruitment process. We will not employ people who do not have the right to work in the UK and all offers of employment are subject to strict pre-employment screening. All staff are to be treated with dignity and respect and free from all forms of discrimination. The Company’s arrangements include strict policies, all of which must be adhered to by staff, including the ability for staff to raise any grievances without fear of reprisals.

In our effort to conduct business in an ethical manner, the Company seeks not to engage in business practices or activities that compromise fundamental human rights including all aspects of modern slavery.


The Company provides claims handling services following a motor vehicle incident on behalf its insurer and broker clients. It also provides associated services relating to a claim, namely storage of the vehicle, a vehicle recovery service, personal injury service, repair of the vehicle and credit hire. Additionally a salvage service is provided should the vehicle be deemed beyond economical repair. All activities are undertaken solely in the UK.


The Company’s outsource arrangements are limited to emergency roadside vehicle recovery and outside of business hours customer support service. In addition to our own due diligence process these businesses are subject to their own modern slavery requirements.


Modern slavery training is mandatory for all staff involved in recruitment, supply chain due diligence and senior management and forms a key part to the Company’s obligations to ensure adherence.


During the year ended 31st December 2022 we confirm no incidents relating to any form of modern slavery were reported by our colleagues or our suppliers.

The Company will continuously assess its modern slavery arrangements and take action as appropriate.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54 (1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31st December 2022.

Matthew Oldfield, Commercial Director, approved this statement on 31/08/2023.